Recruiting Camp For College Bound Student-Athletes

Get the tools to make your college search a success!

Two Great Ways To Get An Intensive, Timely Recruiting Boost!

Option 1:  Our Ultimate Recruiting Toolkit Online Course

Available on demand, online, when you want it! Our Ultimate Recruiting Toolkit guides you in creating the key pieces you need to connect with college coaches at schools where you can thrive!

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Option 2: Schedule a Live "Recruiting Boot Camp" for your group!

This  3-hour recruiting boot camp (made up of 2 - 90 minute remote sessions) provides you with the background and tools to manage your college search and athletic recruiting process.

You will work through a self-assessment process to facilitate goal setting and identifying academic & athletic “fit” institutions using our 5A College Search Model, draft your academic/athletic resume, create a free account with the NCAA Eligibility Center, and establish a free online channel for sharing your resume and highlight videos with college coaches.

You will then craft outreach emails that effectively communicate your "fit" to coaches as prospective student-athletes and make a plan for the next steps to continue towards their academic, athletic, and life goals.

Every Student Completes The Course With These Great Takeaways:

1. An introduction to NCAA and other college recruiting rules and the use of the 5A College Search Model to put YOU in charge of your recruiting process

2. An up to date academic/athletic resume

3. A completed, free, recruiting video channel, and a plan for uploading and sharing their story via email and/or social media

4. An introductory outreach email and principles for building authentic recruiting relationships that drive their college search

5. A free NCAA Eligibility Center account and ID number that can be converted to a paid account if/when appropriate.

6. An overview to managing your financial fit within the different NCAA divisions and other affiliations.


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About Dave Morris, College Counselor and CEO of College Athletic Advisor. Dave has spent over two decades helping student athletes reach their dreams as a coach and academic advisor at the college, high school, and elite club levels. A state championship soccer & basketball coach in Maryland, he lead college teams to conference and national tournament success while coaching numerous All-Americans, Academic All-Americans, and mentoring students to be successful in sports and life. He brings over nearly two decades of NCAA head coaching, compliance, admissions, and academic advising/teaching experience to his work with clients, as well as personal knowledge of the vast majority of U.S. college campuses and athletic conferences.

The Ultimate Recruiting Toolkit!

Our online, on demand course guides you to create the tools you need to connect with college coaches and elevate your college search!

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