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Our Elite Recruiting Camp is half day intensive program designed to set students up for success in their college search. On completion of our virtual camp, each student will have created a dynamic academic/athletic recruit resume, video channel, and an effective plan to reach their educational, athletic, and life goals by connecting authentically with college coaches!

The "Find Your College Fit" Assessment

Our Find Your College Fit tool will identify colleges where you can thrive academically, athletically, and socially. You receive contact information to facilitate your outreach to coaches and academic leaders in your area(s) of interest along with critical information you can use to communicate why you are a great fit for them! Use our Find Your College Fit assessment to generate mutual interest from coaches and opportunities for athletic scholarships or other college provided funding that schools want to provide to students they expect to excel at their institutions.

  • Where do you want to be? Not just in terms of a place on the map, but the qualities of those places.
  • What academic programs/environmental aspects are important to you?
  • What about playing on a team? Other co-curricular opportunities?
  • Consider affordability, but don’t cross out a school just because of up front cost!
  • Our self-assessment should take you 10 - 15 minutes, you will get a personalized response including three college recommendations within 24 hours.

Stay on track with our Academic/Athletic Dual Track Time Line

Not sure where to start? Feeling behind? Worried that you are getting ahead of yourself?

  • Get on track with testing, financial aid, and application materials.
  • Be proactive in your search!
  • Are you registered with the NCAA Clearinghouse or the NAIA Eligibility Center? Do you need to be?
  • Remember, you always have enough time to have a successful college search if you start today!

Find Your College Fit

Your list should be no more than a dozen schools. Our experts can help you refine your list based on YOUR preferences and with in depth knowledge of North America’s 3,500 or so colleges!

  1. Reach out to the coach or (if you don’t want to play there) admissions office for information.
  2. Make sure to share why they are on your list in your initial email, and take a moment to personalize it!
  3. Remember NO ONE likes a “Dear Coach” or “Dear Prospective Student” email
  4. Visiting a school? Dartmouth's admissions counseling office talks about some great questions to ask!

Understand how financial aid and scholarships really work!

We can be there to partner with you through negotiating price with a wide variety of institutions – understanding the advantages and disadvantages of athletic related, academic related, and need based financial aid.

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A virtual meeting that works with your schedule could be the best single investment in your college search and your future!