We Help You Find Your 360° College Fit

Our 5A College Search Model

We provide every College Athletic Advisor student with an action plan for to meet your goals for success in college and beyond! We base our program on the “Five A’s” outlined below (different packages provide different levels of support to meet YOUR needs):


  • Guided self-assessment of educational, co-curricular, career, financial, and other priorities that will allow you to identifying schools where you will thrive!
  • Collaborative research to identify aspirational schools, and the development of a list appropriate to your college search and timeline.
  • Meaningful discussion and in-depth examination of schools and individual academic and co-curricular programs to find your potential best “fit” institutions.


  • Developing and refining your academic and athletic resume to match the recruitment/admissions profile of your best fit aspirational colleges. Making a four-year academic course plan that will prepare you to reach you goals.
  • Building your 360º resume including service, athletics, and other interests that show you as a well-rounded contributor in your local communities.
  • Leveraging your community involvement and positive influence on your world in ways that show progressive leadership growth in serving others and being a positive part of your community.


  • Assessing your current academic performance, identifying any “gaps” where performance may limit your preferred options going forward and working to eliminate them.
  • Developing your "brand" as an athlete through enhanced training, strategic participation in recruiting events, social media brand building, targeted communication with coaches, meaningful opportunities for outside competition that enhance your recruiting visibility and other steps to align your performance with your goals.
  • Planning college visits to assess your college choices, refining academic and athletic plans as you better understand your opportunities and priorities. Continuing adjustment of your college list based on your ongoing academic and athletic success.


  • Preparing application materials for schools and financial aid programs, FAFSA/common app/etc. including identifying your advocates who can serve as references and providing them with updated resumes that highlight your achievements, making sure you clearly communicate why you are a great fit to your target colleges.
  • Filling out common app, completing supplemental essays, turning in all relevant materials and completing FAFSA/CSS Profile/State specific (i.e. Washboard, Cal Grant, HESAA, etc.) applications as appropriate.
  • Preparing for getting the most out of admissions/alumni interviews. Tracking applications to make sure each is completed and gets the best possible consideration for both admission and financial aid. Strategizing Early Decision/Early Action as opposed to regular decision applications and prioritizing schools.


  • Facilitating final decision making
    • choosing a school once accepted
    • making post-acceptance visits
    • competing in accepted student scholarship programs
    • finalizing costs, awards, and payment plans with the college’s financial aid office.
  • Paying deposits, arranging housing and planning for attendance.
  • Remembering that all of this opens the door, it is not an end in and of itself and dedicating yourself to thriving academically, emotionally, and socially at your chosen college!
Our 360 degree support triangle

How Can I Earn That College Scholarship?

We have facilitated students receiving MILLIONS of dollars in athletic, academic, and financial aid. Part of thriving beyond college is ensuring your education costs do not saddle you with debt that limits your options after you graduate!

We help navigate funding your education, helping you recruit colleges that will fit and FUND you based on your talents and abilities!

We Match Your Passion & Talent With Colleges That Fit

College Athletic Advisor can help you leverage your athletic experience and academic credentials to get the best possible insight into your target schools. Identifying your best matches and then helping you position yourself to get their best possible scholarships, whether athletic, merit, or need based financial aid packaging!