Athletic Scholarships 101

College Athletics Advisor Helps You Navigate the Entire Financial Aid Process

The “Full Ride”

A “full-ride” means the school pays for your entire education: tuition/room/board/books/fees etc. up to the full “cost of attendance” – this is the scholarship that goes to NCAA Division I football/basketball/volleyball recruits at Power 5 schools…

Equivalency Sports

In most sports, at most levels, an “athletic scholarship” is a partial payment, or discount towards tuition, room and board, or books. In the end, these partial or in NCAA parlance, “equivalency” scholarships are just one part of most family’s college cost/financial aid puzzle.

A four year degree is going to have a sticker price somewhere between $100,000 and $350,000 depending on the school. College Athletic Advisor can help you navigate through these huge (and often hugely deceiving) numbers and make your best college “fit” work for you financially as well!

One Year Renewable

Most athletic scholarships are technically “one year renewable” – different institutions and different programs/coaches have different policies and practices on how dependable that “renewability” is. It is important to do a little homework on that front and not just take one person’s word at face value. Most academic awards automatically renew each year, but you want to make sure you understand any program requirements that can impact that renewal!

The Latest NCAA Regulatory Changes

Our "Covid FAQ" newsletter has all the latest on pandemic related recruiting. We discuss the upcoming end to the Division 1 "Dead Period," the extension of the NCAA standardized testing waiver for 2022 grads, and the opportunities disruption provides to student-athletes who are working o be strategic in their outreach.