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NCAA Eligibility For Homeschoolers

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Register online for the NCAA Clearinghouse if you are being recruited to play in Division 1 or 2. You can now register and get an NCAA ID number for FREE (you still have to pay the fee or get a waiver to be certified).

With the current Covid-19 waivers in place, your student's initial eligibility is entirely dependent on satisfying the NCAA's core course requirements, either by documenting your homeschool curriculum using the NCAA's course forms or by submitting transcripts from dual enrollment & other course providers. 2022 graduates are NOT required to submit a standardized test score for initial eligibility.

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Make sure the school (and your core courses) are NCAA approved.

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Our 5A College Search Model helps students and families organize their college search and recruiting process!

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Explore NCAA Division I and NCAA Division II academic requirements and recruiting rules. The better prepared your students are, the better their post-graduate options will be and the lower their cost!

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Competing in the NAIA

Homeschool students have 3 distinct pathways to eligibility in the NAIA:
  1. A qualifying standardized test score of 20 on the ACT or 1040 on the SAT. OR
  2. Earn 9 "institutional credits" with a grade of "C" or better. The term "institutional credits" means college level classes, i.e. dual enrollment. OR
  3. Apply for an eligibility waiver from the homeschool committee. You need to have proof of graduation to file for this waiver, so it's important to have everything ready and submit once you have completed your student's transcript and graduated them. Waivers with sufficient documentation tend to be approved. You CAN turn in the CCW's you prepared for the NCAA for core courses, or just submit course outlines and documentation you used. You are also required to submit your student's planned schedule for the fall semester. They are looking to make sure the college has placed your student directly in college level courses - a freshman course load heavy in remedial classes could be a red flag to the committee. According to the liaison, the waivers NOT approved by the committee tended to be the ones with minimal supporting documentation (or none at all).

Important Note: The NAIA adopted a "Single Criterion" eligibility model effective for 2023 graduates! This means that any high school graduate with a 2.3 GPA will meet NAIA initial eligibility standards. Unfortunately, this does not apply to homeschoolers since the NAIA does not recognize homeschool GPAs, instead the NAIA affirmed its commitment to the "3 pathway" model for homeschool initial eligibility.

Junior College Eligibility

Whether you are considering the NJCAA, CCCAA (California), or NWAC (Washington & Oregon). Eligibility is very straightforward at community colleges. You must graduate from high school. Your homeschool transcript is sufficient for eligibility (although individual colleges may have policies you need to satisfy prior to enrollment).

There is no admissions requirement for standardized testing, but you will most likely be required to take placement tests as part of the initial registration process. If you are competing with the goal of transferring to a 4-year college, it is critical to make sure you satisfy NCAA or NAIA eligibility requirements for transfer students - not just continuing eligibility standards at your 2-year school!

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We are committed to helping homeschool families navigate the college search process as well as the NCAA Eligibility Center & core course requirements as they apply to homeschoolers. 

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