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For the latest information and insight on how the COVID-19 pandemic is impacting recruiting and college athletics, get our latest updates on our FAQ page

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Key NCAA Eligibility Links

Register online for the NCAA Clearinghouse and/or the NAIA Eligibility Center if they aspire to earning an athletic scholarship. You can now register and get an NCAA ID number for FREE (you still have to pay the fee or get a waiver to be certified).

Explore the NCAA's Resource Page For Homeschoolers

Download the NCAA "Homeschool Toolkit" here

Thinking about doing "online/charter school at home?"

Make sure the school (and your core courses) are NCAA approved.

Check out our dynamic "Dual Track" Academic Benchmark/Athletic Recruiting Time Line to keep yourself and your students organized!

Use our FREE self-assessment tool to get personalized college recommendations and insight into their priorities and educational goals.

Our 5A College Search Model helps students and families organize their college search and recruiting process!

Find Your Fit Book

Most colleges and universities are at least temporarily "test optional" or "test blind." The most up to date list is available on the Fair Test website. Our Test Optional explainer is a must read, especially with colleges increasingly (but unevenly) applying their test optional policies to homeschool applicants.

Free Programming Homeschool & Co-op Organizations

We are committed to helping homeschool families navigate the college search process as well as the NCAA Eligibility Center & core course requirements as they apply to homeschoolers. We provide the following events at no cost to qualifying homeschool and community groups.


Set Up A Webinar For Your Homeschool Group


Connect your students with our 5A College Search Model and get an introduction to navigating the NCAA's initial eligibility requirements. We empower students to navigate their college search effectively tailor each program to your group's needs.

We Coordinate Remote Visits


College Athletic Advisor can coordinate and remotely host group visits and tours with your student or group! Reach out to discuss how we can help maximize each student's virtual college tour and coordinate experiences that connect them with the schools that provide outstanding opportunity!

Find The College "Level" That Fits YOU!

Use our data and insight to elevate your search!

Make Us Your College Prep Coach!

Our plans for are fully customizable to fit your needs and budget. We meet you where you are in your search to provide you with extensive knowledge of the incredible variety of athletic and academic opportunity at the collegiate level. We help students with every step of the process from connecting effectively with coaches and identifying great fit colleges to working with homeschool experts to make sure your curriculum meets NCAA requirements and communicates the students level of academic accomplishment effectively to colleges. Our experts are there to advise you in completing Core Course Worksheets (CCW's), transcripts and specialized counselor letters for college admissions and athletics. We also provide direction in completing the common app, various regional state applications, FAFSA, the CSS Profile, etc. Our mission is to make this assistance affordable and accessible.

Set Up A College Recruiting Boot Camp

We can tailor our 2-session/3 hour workshop specifically for your student or a group. Booking an entire camp session allows us to provide college prep program at a discounted price with a complete focus on homeschoolers. Get the details of this amazing experience at

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Less Stress & More Success Starts With College Athletic Advisor!

Let us help you! There are nearly 3000 different post secondary educational institutions in the United States. Contact College Athletic Advisor help you make sure your students have their best shot to make these opportunities work for them! We help students and families find their niche in a complex educational system!