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Coach's Corner with Mike Breeden

August 17:

This weeks Play of the Week is a play OCU vs University Alabama Huntsville December 2018.
Great curl cut by Tyler Toopes, the defender trailed the screen, which allowed a big time shot by Freshman Jacob Sanford.


July 30:

This weeks Play of the Week is a defensive drill by Barr Reeve HS Head Coach Josh Thompson . This clip is from an early Saturday morning practice in November 2018. The drill is called X Closeouts.
In 2016 I started attending some Coach Thompson’s practices when he coached at Wood Memorial HS. I was really impressed in how he prepared his teams for opponents and how much they practiced late game situations. Not surprisingly that season his team hit big shots in the closing seconds in the semi final sectional game and again in the regional game.
When you look at Coach Thompson’s coaching career at Springs Valley , Wood Memorial and Vincennes Lincoln there are several tournament games where his teams weren’t favored to win a certain game but they were able to pull off the “upset”. It didn’t happen by luck or accident . It happened because of how well they were prepared and how disciplined they were in their execution of late game situations . Now he’s coaching at Barr Reeve HS one of the best programs in the state.


July 21:


Nice Quick Hitter here by IU in 2013
1-Elbow Entry to the 4.
2- 5 man sets a flare screen for 1.
3- The 4 and 5 set Elevator Screen for Jordan Hulls the best shooter on the floor.
I recorded this game about a month ago and finally watched this morning . Even 7 years later you can feel the intensity of the crowd and how each possession mattered . I was amazed at the amount of paint and block touches IU got in this game . Not just Zeller but Oladipo too . Crean is really good at adding Quick Hitters late in the year for his teams . He added 2-3 new plays late in 2012 and 13 for Cody and did the same for Thomas Bryant in 2016. Don’t run all your good stuff early in the year . Save some for late in the year when teams aren’t going to have it scouted as well.



July 1:


Set Play by Lennie Acuff - Lipscomb University

elbow entry , pitch back , post up and screen the screener actions .

Lennie Acuff is one of the best X and O coaches out there . His teams have great spacing and cut as hard as any team I’ve ever seen . Every cut is full speed and with a purpose . Lennie coached at University of Alabama Huntsville for 20 years winning 8 regular season Gulf South Conf Titles , 3 conference tournament titles, 2 elite 8 appearances . In his first year at Lipscomb he took over a team coming off a runner up NIT in 2019 but lost 6 out of their top 7 scorers . In the 2019-2020 season his team won 7 of their last 9 games to finish 3rd in the Atlantic Sun regular season standings then finished runner up in conference tournament losing to Liberty.

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