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January Update: "Burning Questions" Returns!

As we open 2024, College Athletic Advisor addresses some “burning questions” for a new generation! These are queries that come up repeatedly, from students, families, advisors, and coaches. The questions that made this month’s list are included based on the frequency of repetition. I am not endorsing (or criticizing) asking these questions, but here is an attempt at definitive answers. Got some “burning questions” not addressed here? Share them with us in social media comments or email them using the address below! (Many of these were originally addressed in June 2022).

Question 1: Is it too late for me to get recruited, a coach told me I was too late!

Answer: NO. You are not too late to find a great fit in college and in your sport. BUT you are not a fit for that coach/program. Recruiting is not an exact science, that does not mean you cannot play at that level, but it DOES mean you should look elsewhere!

Question 2: Will taking college courses while in high school make me a transfer student or impact my athletic eligibility?


NO. There are no NCAA or NAIA limits on the number of college courses a student can take PRIOR TO HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATION. It is generally an advantage to apply to college as a “first time, first year” enrollee, and dual enrollment coursework will NOT impact this.

Question 3: Should I have my relative/friend/coworker who has some connection to [insert highly prestigious college here] write a letter to support my recruitment or application to said highly rejective college?

Answer: NO. This question just never dies and crops up in all kinds of forms, and as a consultant it is sometimes proposed with such mind-boggling confidence that I question myself momentarily. BUT THE ANSWER IS NO (exception: your relative/friend has a building named for him on the campus and can support your application during a meeting already scheduled with the university president).

Question 4: Should I wait until I finish making a highlight video to reach out to coaches?

Answer: It depends. Are you a freshman or sophomore? Then most likely, yes. If you are a junior or senior? Reach out and then follow up with video if you have not yet posted it. “Shipping is a feature.”

Question 5: Do I need to reach out to coaches on multiple social media channels?

Answer: NO. While social media CAN be a part of “marketing yourself” to coaches, the reality is that EVERY college coach checks email regularly (after all, that is how their bosses get a hold of them). If you are not a regular social media user with an active account they can see, there is little benefit to adding social media to your plate. Certainly, social media can tell your story and some coaches are very active on twitter/Instagram/Tik Tok/etc. BUT if you email them, you KNOW they will at least scroll through the subject line of your email. Use that information wisely!

Question 6: Should I put my name in recruiting databases online and wait for coaches to reach out?

Answer: NO. You need to reach out, using your personal email or social media, to college programs that are a good fit. There is no benefit to waiting around. Also, you are under no obligation to attend the first school that offers you. You owe them courtesy and gratitude, but NOT your attendance.

Question 7: What is my return on investment on all the money I’ve dropped on my kid’s youth sports participation?

Answer: Hopefully you and your family had a great experience participating in youth sports – not every minute, but overall, with highs, lows, lessons learned, and successes celebrated! If it’s strictly about spending money to get into college, these are schools, so put all your money in tutoring and test prep. But you might miss out on all the fun and maturation you get playing youth sports when it is done right – if you have a bunch of lifetime friends and experiences that helped you grow, you have already gotten your money’s worth.

Question 8: Why do “dumb jocks” get into [insert fancy school name here] when I have a great GPA and did awesome in school but got rejected.

Answer: Because colleges are building a community, not having a GPA competition. If your profile includes significant achievements beyond your transcript, i.e., original research, successful entrepreneurship, exceptional performing arts, or athletic talent that can elevate the university’s profile in a meaningful way, then you are going to be a more attractive admit. If all you have is academic coursework, your transcript better be amazing! And even if it is, you will be competing with a lot of other amazing transcripts, so you are not guaranteed or owed admission. Hopefully your academic excellence has prepared you for success in college and when you find the right fit, you can excel and leverage your outstanding ability to prepare for success in life beyond college (or for a graduate assistantship at that school you wanted to attend, this time paid by the school itself so you can bring the skills you demonstrated as an undergrad to their campus). Also, that “dumb jock” had the same (or better) GPA and rigor that you do.

Question 9: Will going to a college “ID” camp get me recruited? The coach sent me an email!

Answer: Is that email part of an ongoing conversation? Have they seen your transcripts? Are there other indications besides that email that they might be interested in you? If not, reach out to them and explain you have a conflict that day but would love to connect. The response to THAT email will help guide you.

Question 10: Have you uploaded my video yet?

Answer: Yes. Check your Google drive, I emailed the shared link to you 48 hours ago.

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