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February Update: When You Suffer A Serious Injury

One of the recurring areas on social media where prospective student-athletes get conflicting advice relates to how to continue your college search if you suffer a significant injury. There is a tendency to pull back and not want to really engage in the recruiting process while you are out, but that is not the optimal response! Let’s talk about empowering yourself even if you are going to be out of action for a significant amount of time.

Before we get too far in, let me underscore that it is 100% okay to take time to mourn. Serious injuries involve pain and loss. You’re missing games, time with your friends, the ability to do things you love and maybe also more mundane things get harder. You’ll come back stronger in the end, but it’s not a journey you wanted to take, accept the feelings of loss that comes with injury. There is a path forward, but experiencing pain and setbacks are part of that journey.


If you are missing time because of injury:

  • Take advantage of the space to breathe, do NOT feel pressure to commit or make a move because of your injury. You have time to strategize and reflect. Time that you would not have had without being out. Use it wisely!


  • Connect with coaches RIGHT AWAY, share your most recent highlights while they are still recent! There will be a time where you do NOT have recent video, make sure coaches get to assess you where you are so they can be excited about seeing you when you return.


  • Remember your recruiting timeline is YOURS, so you will be exactly where you need to be. While you are not playing, maybe there is time to visit some colleges and better understand what you want!


  • Communicate honestly with coaches, this is a good way to filter out coaches you don’t want to play for anyway and build trust with the ones you do! DO NOT LIE OR HIDE A SERIOUS INJURY FROM COLLEGE COACHES!


  • Communicate your timeline for recovery. College coaches want to know you will be able to play for THEM when the time comes. If you’re going to be healthy and they can see you again live before you report to preseason, you’re in good shape!


  • Put in the work in rehab and recovery. This is a time to come back stronger, improve technique, and build mental strength – use your challenges as fuel for success and be proactive reaching out for help! Resources are out there!


  • Be strategic to build your body and your game while you are off the field and in rehab. What can you do to be savvier? Stronger? A better teammate? Successful athletes often share that time out from injury gave the space to develop in other ways or gain insight they would not have had if they were playing!

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