Services for High Schools

Connect your students to colleges using their talent to empower their search and maximize their college "fit!"

College Athletic Advisor has the experience navigating highly selective college admissions, financial aid, and all levels of athletic recruiting to maximize opportunities for your entire student body. Partnering with College Athletic Advisor means you provide the following to your students:

  • Full-time access to YOUR dedicated college counselor online:  unlimited, 30-minute appointments through a dedicated, password protected portal available only to your students any time during your school day.
  • Highly personalized college/career counseling for each student with an emphasis on proactive communication with each family! Our online counselor is available for your students beyond what an in building employee can provide!
  • One free “Get Control of Your College Search (and your future)” interactive online seminar each semester created in cooperation with your staff.
  • One free online “The College Ready Student-Athlete” seminar for your guidance and athletic staff each school year.
  • Online access for all students to our proprietary college planning tools, including our college interest questionnaire.
  • Elite, experienced college counseling for a fraction of the cost of full-time staff.
  • The opportunity for live, in person college guidance presentations and appointment days at your school featuring College Athletic Advisor staff (additional charges apply).

Right now, many families may be paying for “recruiting services” of limited value. With College Athletic Advisor, your families have access to a college guidance program that fully meets their needs in providing the optimal college placement options!

Call today to find out how we can provide full-time access to your students without straining your budget!