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Whether you are a high school student, or potential transfer, we’ll pick up your search where you are with an initial virtual consult to assess where you are in the college search process, discuss specific recommendations based on your personal survey responses and clear “next steps” to move you towards your educational and life goals! From here YOU decide how much, if any, help you will need to make your search work for you!

Each of our college search packages is fully customizable to meet your goals! We empower YOU to make your future happen!

Are you on track right now?

Check your progress on our Academic/Athletic Dual Track College Search Timeline!

Organize your search and find timely links to the NCAA Eligibility Center, SAT/ACT testing services, FAFSA and other helpful resources!

We Design Plans to Fit YOU!

Let's work together to create a college advising plan that fits you perfectly! Leverage our "5A" College Search Model wherever you are in the college search process!

Pay for the services and time you need to make your college search work for YOU! Our customized plans are designed so you only pay for what you need to make your college search a success, let's talk about your goals and create a plan that facilitates your journey to an educational experience where you thrive!

We Offer Preset Plans As Well!

You can check out our standard packages, or schedule a chat to talk about creating a plan that is perfectly individualized just for you!

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