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One CEO's advice on college

A successful tech CEO has some surprising advice!

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Thinking Pre-Med?

The Harvard Crimson looked at students' take on "The 'Real" Pre-Med Requirements"

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The Return On Investing In Liberal Arts Education

With all the talk of the decline in value of a college education, here is the best research available showing what successful families already know! That a liberal arts education from an institution that fits, and funds you, is the biggest wealth builder you can have in your life!

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What to Look For When Hiring A College Counselor

There's a little too much focus on the recent scandals (shiny object, sure, but not relevant for most of us, right?). But US News DOES have some helpful insights...

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Georgetown looked at "ROI" from different colleges

This web tool is a "first draft" of their research, so it needs a pretty heavy grain of salt on the side. But it's definitely an informative tool if you can keep this information in context.

The Washington Post had a great introductory article on this here

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Going College Visiting?

The IECA has some tips for you...

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Forbes College Financial Health "Grades"

An interesting article from Forbes, rating colleges on their financial sustainability. The headline and tone are laughably pessimistic, colleges have far more resources and resilience than the author allows for, but these are good questions to ask and information for quality questions that students and families should bring with them

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One Challenging Area For Students, Families, and Consultants

Is ethical essay help. It can be a challenge to facilitate the student's authentic voice shine through while also helping them make sure their writing is focused, polished and ready for "publication" to admissions/scholarship offices.

But essay readers can really smell "ghost written" work a mile away...

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All That College Mail?

College Board (the SAT etc. folks) are selling your students' information. And a federal lawsuit has been launched to force them to do it in a more ethically aware way. Great, if unpleasant, information!

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Invasive Surveillance Tech On Campus

It's not just Santa, or that Elf toy, that knows what you are doing. College administrators are using phone tracking apps to surveil students. The article avoids explicitly mentioning that this technology is being used most often on NCAA Division I student-athletes.

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